Q: What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel tracking?

A:  Wheel tracking is altering only 1 element of the wheel alignment being toe-in, this generally takes 5 minutes and shouldn't be perceived as a wheel alignment.


Q:  I have had several wheel alignments done on my car but it still wears tyres unevenly.

A:   As with the question above you have probably had wheel tracking and not a wheel alignment.  Worn suspension components can also be the cause of uneven tyre wear, as can over or under inflated tyres,  which is why a full steering and suspension check should be carried out prior to any wheel alignment.  Tyres wearing unevenly is not normal and simply shouldn't be happening.

Q:  I've had a wheel alignment but my car still pulls to one side.

A:  As with question 1, it sounds as though you have only a wheel tracking and not a wheel alignment, unless your tyres are damaged and causing the problem, in which case the person carrying out the alignment should have explained to you at the time.  A good wheel alignment should include:  the vehicle  being test driven prior to the alignment, a full steering & suspension component check and the vehicle being test driven at the completion of the alignment. If you have been told a wheel alignment has been done and you have been charged for a wheel alignment take it back and ask for it to be corrected, or for an explanation as to why it pulls still.

Q: My car makes this funny knocking noise but I had my alignment done they told me this is normal.

A: Knocking noises in vehicles is not normal.  Strange noises are telling us there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.  Please don't ignore strange noises in steering & suspension components, this could be a fatality caused by ignorance. No one needs that on their conscience.

Q:  Do you sell tyres?

A:  No, we don't sell tyres, if you need new tyres and are struggling to find time to organise them we can arrange them for you, but to be honest,  we are probably the local tyre sellers worst nightmare, our goal is to maximise your tyre life reducing the amount of money you spend on tyres each year. 

Q: My tyre fitter offers a free wheel alignment when I buy my tyres, does this sound strange?

A: You know the old saying "ïf it sounds to good to be true, it probably is", why would a qualified Motor Mechanic spend an hour on your car carrying out a full wheel alignment and not charge you?

Q: Why do you recommend Tough Dog 4x4 Suspension products?

A:  We can supply & fit any 4x4 Suspension product to your vehicle, Ironman, EFS, Rancho etc, when deciding what brand to recommend we do it on each specific vehicle, we take into consideration the make of vehicle, the work you do with it, the load you carry and the roads you travel.  We know what each brand of suspension is capable of and which brand is going to suit you.  When we are choosing our suspension suppliers we take it very seriously.  The team at Tough Dog 4x4 suspension do their homework on each make and model,  they simply won't release suspension components until they are 100% happy with the design and developement.  It took them almost 6 months to release the current model Hilux suspension upgrade, not because they're having to many smoko breaks, because they were still testing and improving the design.  We do recommend Tough Dog over other brands because we know there has been a lot of time spent on design, we trust these blokes have got it right and our experience with Tough Dog suspension tells us they have.  

We have vehicles coming in with suspension upgrades who have chosen a budget conscious option but we know they will be upgrading their upgrades in 12 months time.  We like to call it "Doing it right, Doing it once"!

Q: I have had a lift kit fitted elsewhere, they have done a wheel alignment but my tyres are scrubbing, can you fix it?

A  When we install our lift kits we complete a full wheel alignment once we have finished installing the kit. The wheel alignment is carried out by the same mechanic who installed the suspension in our own workshop.  A wheel alignment after a lift kit is time consuming, it should be done properly, done on the same day the kit is installed and be included in your installation price. If you have had a lift kit installed elsewhere and an alignment was included in the price we recommend returning to the place of purchase.  If you're purchasing suspension elsewhere it should include a wheel alignment.

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