Ok girls lets get past everything we don't need to know and we will still have time for that glass of wine!

When I first started working with Jeff at Tru-Steer he literally threw me in the deep end and yelled "swim"!

 A lot of what I've learnt is more information than I think us girls really need to know, my thought, just tell me how much and how long you need it for, I just want to know if it's safe to drive and nothing's going to fall off.


You might find me with my butt in the air climbing under the bed to retrieve the odd sock but I have no interest in climbing under my car checking things out.











I'm going to share with you a few things to look out for as well as hints and tips I never knew before working here. Lets get started.


**A new car should have it's first wheel alignment after travelling approximately 5000km's.   I guess it's a bit like a new bag, they start off stiff and once you've used it for a while they settle down and soften up.  Before Jeff does the alignment he will check over all of your steering & suspension and check your tyre inflation, which leads me to...


**Tyre inflation:  I was always under the impression this only needed checking when you got your car serviced and it didn't really matter to much.  If your tyre inflation isn't checked regularly you can really damage your tyres and maybe even halve the life of your tyres.  I'm pretty sure you would all agree we would rather be spending money  on anything but new tyres!  If you're not sure how to check your inflation watch this short video. Please note:  When this video was filmed 32psi was the recommended inflation, like everything else, they don't make tyres like they used to and we need to put more air in them (lucky air is free).  So how much air do you need now?  The smaller cars around 36psi everything else 40psi except if you have a big 4WD fully loaded go higher.

If you rarely check your tyre inflations put 40psi in them.



**Steering wheel shakes:  Ok, so this is an obvious sign something is wrong and it could be a number of different things.  Bring it into Jeff, he will check everything over and let you know what's wrong and give you a quote to fix it. 

** Steering wheel crooked: It's amazing how you don't realise it's crooked until someone else points it out.  I guess I always thought it was just a small fault when they put the car together, oops, wrong, this is a pretty obvious sign you need a wheel alignment.

Straight steering wheel

crooked steering wheel

** The car leans right over when going around roundabouts:  Don't you hate this! You can hear the groceries rolling around in the back and there's nothing you can do.  By the time you get home the palmolive has leaked all over your tissue box.

 This could be a sign your shock absorbers need replacing.....except for those of you can take a roundabout at 60km's an hour.. this is a sign you need to slow down a tad.


Faulty shock absorbers can damage tyres and other suspension if ignored. 

** My tyres look funny:  I think we should compare these to our shoes.  The tyre on the left is our favourite pair, they're comfy, you can shop all day in them but they are getting a little to shiny on the bottom and you almost have to tip toe through Centro for fear of going for a slide. 

The tyre on the right is like a new pair of runners, even if you haven't run for 20 years you feel as though you could just...start running.  I'm not saying you should run..... that could be dangerous.

If you are unsure what your tyres are meant to look like just drop past the workshop and Jeff will have a quick look for you, no charge.

My tyre has blown: I can't begin to imagine what you are going through! But lets try...

You are travelling to Adelaide for the weekend, it's early in the morning as you plan on getting a couple of hours of shopping in before checking into the Motel.  Just before you get to Lake Cullulleraine you hear a funny noise and pull over...your tyre looks like this:(

Did you know the picture of the little bowser shows you which side your fuel cap is on?

This one would be on the right hand side of your car.

Keep an eye on this page & I will add more handy tips.  In the meantime sit back and have a wine!

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