VW Amarok

When choosing new suspension for your Amarok there are a few things you need to be aware of.

If you're looking at upgrading your shocks the Tough Dog shocks are only compatible with the Tough Dog Coil Springs...but you don't need new springs just shocks?  Sorry mate, you will have to choose a different brand other than Tough Dog. 

We generally find once you fit bull bars the front sags rapidly and the springs need upgrading anyway.  If you're not sure drop in and let Jeff have a quick look so that we can advise you on the best options. Shock absorbers won't lift the front if it's sagging, this is the spring's job.

Most other coil spring vehicles have the option of installing a spacer to the original coils if the front end is sagging.  These spacers are used when we only want to lift the front a little bit to recover the sag.   Unfortunately there isn't a spacer available for the Amarok as yet. What does this mean to you?  Any heavy duty spring regardless of brand will raise your vehicle, not just back to standard height, in your case the Tough Dog coils will lift the front of your vehicle an additional 30mm from standard height, therefore if your ute has sagged 20mm in the front, installing these springs will raise it 50mm. This can cause a problem if the rear springs have also sagged since new, the result being your vehicle will sit much higher in the front than the back.  Not only are vehicles passing you at night going to flash their lights thinking yours are on high beam, but this also changes braking distance, vehicle steering & handling & makes it generally unsafe to drive. So what do you do?  You have 2 options..you can leave it as it is and risk damaging other steering or suspension components or you do a complete upgrade on your suspension, front & back (complete suspension lift kit).

This decision would be based on:       Apart from the front sagging, are you happy with your ute? 

                                                       Are you planning on keeping it for another 2 or 3 years?

                                                       If you traded it in, how much money would you loose on it?

Only you can answer these questions.

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