We're not going to bore you with pages of what you should and shouldn't do,  we just want to make sure you get it right the first time.


Every application is going to be different.  You might be a 4wd enthusiast who loves to play or you just want to lift it to gain some bragging rights, or your vehicle is sagged and struggling to carry your engel,  all totally different applications.


When choosing the kit to suit you, we will more than likely ask you..


  • Are you a serious 4wd enthusiast or just like the extra height?

  • Does your ride have a bullbar/winch?

  • Do you have dual fuel tanks?

  • Do you have a steel tray?

  • Do you carry much weight (tool box, dog cage, water tank, etc) and how often?

  • Do you tow a caravan?

  • How many km's on the clock?


Unsure of how much weight you carry?  Drive over the weigh bridge with an empty tray and then again with your usual load, note the weight difference and let us know when placing your order.  We like to call it "getting it right the first time".


If you buy a set of shocks and find them to soft/hard what do you do?

If you buy a set of adjustable shocks and find them to hard or soft you simply adjust them all.  It only takes 60 seconds and you will be one happy bloke.


Not keen on lifting your ride but need to be able to carry extra weight?   Don't wait until your springs are sagging.  Air bags & helper springs are designed to assist your springs not replace them.


Do yourself a favor and don't believe everything you read on forums.  These blokes are probably great to sit and have a beer with but, sometimes it's cheaper to do what you do best and let the best do it once.  The only lift kits we have seen fail are those installed by those who shouldn't,  or the kit is the incorrect application for the vehicle. 


Remember when purchasing your lift kit the approximate lift height is from standard height.  If your ride has sagged 20mm and you install a 40mm lift kit it will be 60mm higher.  You might just need to teach the dog to jump a bit higher.


Don't waste money on installing raised springs and not upgrading everything else related (shocks, damper, ubolts etc). 

We see it all to often where the unqualified are playing with vehicle steering & suspension.  Their 4wd becomes undriveable, it cost them money, not to mention dangerous and they wonder why.

Do it once, do it right!


Planning a trip? Don't come in the day before expecting  it to be all good the following day.  With so many different makes and models and range of products we don't have the room to keep it all on hand.  We order your kit to suit you, install it and like to check it after you've driven it around for about 500km's to make sure we're all happy.

If you do come in the day before expecting miracles don't be suprised if we offer you a beer instead!

When purchasing your lift kit don't be fooled by Salespeople being.....Sales people.  Selling adjustable control arms "because they're required to fix the alignment" is rubbish, these people simply don't understand vehicle geometry.

We can't express enough how important a proper wheel alignment is once you've lifted your ride.  Installation of the kit is the first part.  After installing our lift kits we can spend over 2 hours re-aligning, test driving, re-aligning.  Make sure a proper wheel alignment is included in the installation price. Any reputable 4WD Suspension installer should be carrying out the complete job themselves, installation & wheel alignment.  If you have a kit fitted elsewhere please don't expect us to check someone else's installation and spend hours doing your wheel alignment.  We install our own lift kits and get frustrated when we see the incorrect applications installed in vehicles or customers who have simply been fooled into buying extras when they didn't need to.

If the salesperson tries to sell you extended shackles or strut spacers, walk away, these are illegal and will affect your insurance.



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